What is Michael Phelp's team?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Club Wolverine

North Baltimore Aquatics Club

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Q: What is Michael Phelp's team?
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Which team is Michael Phelps in?

He's on the American team!

What team is Michael Phelps in?

It's kinda obvious, the USA

What team does Michael phelps swim for?

NBAC ( north baltimore aquatic club)

Who will be the competitor of Michael Phelps?

He might be competed by Ryan Lochte his team mates

Who is more famous Michael Phelps or SpongeBob SquarePants?

Michael Phelps definitly MIchael Phelps

How many swim teams does Michael Phelps swim on?

Michael phelps swims with his coach, bob bowman, but when he was little he swam in baltimore at a local club. If Michael joins a new team, he has to be on it for a minimum of 20 days or else they are unattached.

Height of Michael Phelps?

Michael Phelps is 6'4

Did Michael Phelps win an individual gold medal this year?

yes in the team swimming

What is Michael Phelps' first swim team?

NBAC (North Baltimore Aquatic Club)

How did Michael Phelps become disabled?

Michael Phelps is not disabled...

In which sport did Michael Phelps paricipate in?

Michael Phelps is a swimmer.

How do you talk to Michael Phelps?

You don't. Michael Phelps talks to you.