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It means you might get the award.

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Q: What is All American Consideration in swimming?
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Is swimming American?

No. Swimming is like running and walking, it is universal.

What American sport does not have a ball?


Do American alligators?

they enjoy swimming.

Which sport is tougher and harder to play between swimming football and softball?

Between swimming, football, and softball, any of them can be tough depending on the person playing.

What is the hardest American sport?

There is no doubt swimming is the hardest American sport. You use 95% of your muscles when you swim-when you run all you use is your legs. Swimming is listed the best sport for cardiovascular strength. Swimming is a very time consuming and competitive sport. I swim competitivly and I have to swim 2 hours practices for 6 days a week! That's swimming half a day every week.

Do American alligator swim?

they enjoy swimming.

Why do American alligators swim?

they enjoy swimming.

Which male American won most medals at Bejjing 2008?

Michael Phelps won 8, all in swimming events.

How did the American do at swimming?

well i think they done fine.

What set contains all the elements under consideration?

A unit set contains all the elements under consideration.

All about swimming?

Swimming is something when a person swims in a body of water.

What types of things does American Apparel sell?

American Apparel sell clothing ranges for all sexes and ages, including swimming costumes, shoes and disco pants. They also sell watches and jewelry. All items are made Sweatshop-free.