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He is now a TV Presenter.

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Q: What does Ian Thorpe do now that he is retired?
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Did Ian Thorpe retire?

Yes. He had planned to compete in Beijing in 2008, retired in 2006.

How many world records does Ian Thorpe hold?

Ian Thorpe is an Australian swimmer who has won five Olympic gold medals. As of now Ian Thorpe does not hold any world or Olympic records.

How did Ian Thorpe influence other Australians?

he inspires young australians who want to gho as far as ian thorpe has with his swimming career. kids now are gettin more active in the water,that is how ian thorpe has inspired us young australians

What sport was Ian Thorpe famous for?

Ian Thorpe is famous for swimming, Olympics.

When was Ian Thorpe born?

Ian Thorpe was born on October 13, 1982.

What is Ian Thorpe's birthday?

Ian Thorpe was born on October 13, 1982.

What is Ian thorpe's motto?

Ian Thorpe's motto is "Work smarter, not harder"

How many brothers or sister does ian thorpe have?

No, Ian Thorpe does not have a brother called Michael (or even Micheal). Ian's only sibling is his sister Christina

What year did ian thorpe become famous?

Ian Thorpe become famous in the 2000 and ALSO 2004

How long are Ian Thorpe's feet?

Ian Thorpe is 275 cm tall

Why did ian thorpe retire in 2006?

I think its because he realized Michael phelps will now destroy him.

Where does ian thorpe live now?

He just bought a house in Caringbah southern suburb in Sydney.