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The sky diver's parachute, also called a canopy, is used to slow the falling rate of a sky diver from terminal velocity (about 120mph) to a much slower and safer rate that the person can land without harm.

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The pilot cant do anything about gravity. What he can do is minimise the effect of the slipstream by slowing the aircraft to the slowest speed possible while avoiding a stall. This is easier said than done and requires skill on the part of the pilot. If the aircraft is too fast, the exit will be more difficult for the exiting jumpers, too slow and a dangerous stall could ensue.

In case I haven't understood the question here, the skydiver (airman) may change the EFFECT of gravity through changing air resistance by changes in body position, a spread out body position will create more drag and will slow the skydiver's (airman's) speed through the air.

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They spread their arms and legs, so that the entire front of the body is in the wind flow. This decreases terminal velocity to the point that some people have survived falls without a parachute into soft ground or water. It can greatly extend the time (skydiving) between jumping and opening your parachute.

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Q: What device does a skydiver use to slow down?
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How does a skydiver us friction to slow down?

A skydiver can use friction by adjusting the position of their body to increase surface area and create more drag. By spreading out their limbs, the skydiver can encounter more air resistance, which helps to slow down their descent speed. This increase in friction allows the skydiver to control their rate of descent and eventually deploy their parachute safely.

Why do skydivers use parachutes scientifically speaking?

Skydivers use parachutes to slow down their freefall to a safe landing speed. The parachute creates drag, which counteracts the force of gravity pulling the skydiver towards the ground. This ultimately allows the skydiver to land safely without injury.

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