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Usually it is fine. Air has been filtered before being compressed in the cylinder, and it does not go "off". However, if it is a really really old cylinder, the cylinder itself may have deteriorated and may not be safe to use until it has been hydrostatically tested.

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Think about it. If it can't get out, nothing can get in. I have never had a problem with "stale" air in a Scuba tank. An air fill is relatively cheap so if in doubt, dump it out and refill.You want to be as comfortable as you can on your dive, no sense in worrying about your air quality.

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The nitrogen and oxygen we breathe on this planet is a billion years old and still is safe. So I doubt nitrogen and oxygen in a scuba tank would make any difference.

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Q: Is it safe to use old air in a dive tank?
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Your dive tank has 3 year old gas in it is it safe to use?

The use of an oxygen analyzer would be advised. Most nitrox and technical divers have one.

Can you use a dive tank that has 3 year old gas?

NO! The tank must be visually inspected by a professional at a dive shop every year. Bleed the tank and have it inspected and re-filled. Don't take a chance on the inside of the tank rusting and breathing that stuff in.

Is a twenty year old Steel seventy two cu in tank still safe to use?

a 20 year old tank will need to be sent out for hydrostatic inspection as well as an internal visual inspection. If there is corrosion present a tumbling may be required as well, using aggragate to "clean" the inside of the tank. A 20 year old tank may past hydro, but may not. If it fails hydro it is unsafe to dive. Note no scuba center will fill a 20 year old tank unless you have it hyrdo'ed and passed.

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How do you pressurize your water system with a well mate pressure tank?

The tank comes with a residual air pressure of about 40 PSI. This can be regulated through the air nipple at top of tank. If you are going to use 30/50 as is common, then set tank air to 28 by adding or letting air out of this nipple while the tank is empty of water. After setting this pressure, adjust the pressure switch to come ON at 2 psi above this , ie 30 PSI. Now when the water level lowers in the bladder the pump will switch ON before the tank is empty. If tank residual pressure is very low on an old tank it is possible that your bladder has holes.

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