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The Vibram Five Fingers Bikila was created specifically for running, the new model that just came out, the Bikila LS is priced at about 100$, but all of the shoes can be used for running, just make sure you prepare your body to run barefoot.

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Q: Is KomodoSport or KSO the best and most comfortable Vibram FiveFinger for running and daily use?
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Are vibram KSO shoes?

Vibram Fivefinger KSO shoes are designed to keep out dirt, rocks, sticks, and other trail debris, while maintaining comfort and staying breathable. KSO stands for Keep Stuff Out, which is what they excel at.

What kind of five fingers shoes are comfortable?

Personally, I think one pair of vibram five fingers are always comfortable.

What kind of shoes are the vibram jayas?

It's good for your feet and it will really fit well on your toes. They are good for running exercises and it's also really light. It's comfortable in your feet and best to use on exercises.

Where can I buy the Vibram jaya shoes?

The Vibram Jaya shoes which others are talking about are most likely the five finger Vibram Jaya shoes, or toe shoes as some people call them. You can often find them at your local REI, outdoors living store, or possibly running store.

When was Vibram created?

Vibram was created in 1937.

Where can I get vibram jaya shoes and are they good?

I heard the vibram jaya running shoes are a good choice. I believe foot locker carries them. Their selection is limited so you must act fast. They are good shoes according to the reviews they have.

When was Vibram FiveFingers created?

Vibram FiveFingers was created in 2006.

Is it possible to get a running shoe with toes?

Yes, it is possible to buy running shoes with toes! You buy them from vibram and they are called fivefingers. You can find them on this website:

What are some reviews on Vibram Five Fingers?

Vibram Five fingers shoes are really an awsome shoes launched by the company for runners. Foots of the runners while running are pretty much relax which is helpful in getting more stamina.

What is the vibram stock symbol?

Vibram Inc. is still incorporated therefore is not listed on nyse.

What is the best brand of barefoot running shoes?

In my personal opinion, I think that Vibram running shoots are the best brand to buy. There are very durable and comfortable. The are definitely not the most stylish pair of shoes, but for their purpose, of running, exercising, working out etc... they are a very good shoe to purchase.

Where can one purchase Vibram shoes?

Vibram Five Fingers has a great website where one could purchase Vibram shoes. The best bet would be to browse the many selections that are listed on the website.