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Nowadays, every 2 years.

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Q: How often does swimming hold world championship?
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Who are the 3 WWE superstars to hold all current male championships?

antonio cesaro US title. cm punk world championship. sheamus world heavyweight championship.

How many days has WWE champion cm punk hold the WWE championship?

434 days the best in the world held the wwe championship

What title did John Cena hold in his wrestling career?

John Cena held many titles in his career. He had the title for WWE United States Championship and World Tag Team Championship. He also had the title for World Heavy Weight Championship.

Can you hold more than 1 profile on Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's World Championship?

No, the cartridge will only hold the one profile.

How many times did khali hold the world heavyweight championship title?

The Great Khali has held the World Heavyweight belt one time

How many times did john cena held the world heavyweight championship title?

2 times -- and its hold not held

What is the best WWE belt you can get have in the WWE?

The World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship are tied for the best title to hold. They're the primary belts. The Intercontinental and US belts are secondary belts yea the world heavyweight and wwe championship are the primary belts u.s intercontinental are the secondary belts

Who is the best person to hold the WWE championship title?

The Great Khali should hold the WWE championship because well he is the tallest and possibly the strongest currently

Who was the youngest to hold the WWE championship?

Brock Lesnar. He was 25 years old when he won the WWE Championship.

How often do you hold a world cup tournament?

every 4 years

What titles did Kane hold?

WWE ChampionshipECW ChampionshipWWE Intercontinental ChampionshipWWE Hardcore ChampionshipWWE World Tag Team ChampionshipWCW Tag Team Championship

What is the WWE about?

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a professional wrestling company that holds matches between superstars, or even divas! They will hold matches for championship belts, for special events, or they will just hold regular matches.