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Pay depends on Market.

Average is around 20-25K. It is common to have a second job and teach Scuba on the side.

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Q: How much does a scuba instructor make?
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How do you get NAUI junior scuba certified?

Take a class from a NAUI scuba instructor.

Where can I find a scuba diving class to get recertified?

lpoking for a licensed instructor to recertify me in SCUBA in the Kerrville area.

Is a scuba diving instructor legally allowed to have a relationship with a pupil?

There is absolutely no law against it. I would hate to see it happen though because 99% of scuba instructors are married.

How much does an aqua instructor make per class?

An Aqua Instructor in CA gets paid between $12-$30 an hour.

What careers are there in scuba diving?

Dive into the finest scuba diving experience at Rasdhoo, Maldives! Our diving experts have tremendous experience assisting people in experiencing life under the sea. Rasdhoo Diving is not only a magical experience but an entry ticket to a whole new world. You may as well learn from the best in the Maldives. We at Jerrys dive club specialize in scuba Instructor training and have a range of full and part-time programs to accommodate anyone interested in experiencing scuba diving. We also train scuba divers who wish to take up scuba diving as their career.

How much does an riding instructor on Howrse make?

Riding instructor's on Howrse can make between 50 - 80e per day, which can be raised after they have worked continuously for the same EC for 10 days.

How much doese a ballet instructor make per year?

A ballet instructor makes around 30000 to up to 100000 a year depending on his situation.

How much money does a spin instructor make?

A spin instructor typically makes $25-30 a class on average. Possibly a bit lower if you are brand new to teaching.

How much does a fitness instructor make a month?

a fitness instructor could make about 29.00 a hour A Jazzercise instructor will earn about $2.49 per hour of time required to be adequately prepared to teach (not just "stage" time, and not including drive time for 1 hour increments of salary.)

How much money do snowboard instructors make?

How much snowboard instructors make can have many variables. If you are certified you will normally make more per hour. If you live in the mountains you will make more as most lessons are half or full day. Typically an instructor non certified will start out at min wage or slightly higher and possibly get an extra couple of dollars for each extra person in the lesson. A fully certified level 3 instructor can make anywhere from $12 - $30+ an hour depending on the resort and years of experience. Tips can affect how much an instructor makes, a good instructor will make decent money in tips. Also discounts on snowboard gear is a benefit many instructors take advantage of which indirectly affects how much they make. With all the variables in wage a snowboard instructor just starting out will probably not make a lot, but with time and education a good instructor can make decent money. Note: you will not get rich teaching snowboarding, but you will have a great time!

How much does scuba gear weigh?

Different scuba gear types weigh different amounts. The oxygen tank is the heavy part of the scuba diving gear.

How much would scuba diving googles be?

The costs for a good scuba mask ranges about $50 to $70