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He's broken 14 world records and 3 still stand

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Q: How many world records has Ian Thorpe broken?
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How many world records does Ian Thorpe hold?

Ian Thorpe is an Australian swimmer who has won five Olympic gold medals. As of now Ian Thorpe does not hold any world or Olympic records.

How many world records broken in 2011?

93 World Records have been broken

How many swimming world records have been broken in the 2008 Olympics?

32 new world records were set and there were also new Olympic records set with 11 just in the 47 athletic events and 20 more in the 34 swimming events. There are also many other records for World Junior, Asia, African, European, Country and individual records

How many records were broken at the London 2012 Olympics?

30 world records were broken during the Olympic games. Olympic records were also broken as were many athletes individual record for the event

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How many world records did Jim Thorpe break?

Jim Thorpe, an American athlete, broke multiple world records during his career, particularly in the decathlon and pentathlon events. He was known for his versatility and exceptional athleticism, setting new standards in various track and field disciplines during the early 20th century.

How many world records are being broken each year?

There is no fixed number of world records being broken each year as it varies depending on the competition and the specific record categories being attempted. However, on average, hundreds of world records are broken each year across various sports and activities.