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Well you just answered it yourself... 25 metres so 82.5 feet it + would have been quicker for you to have worked it out with a calculator but anyway...

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82.02 feet.

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Q: How long does it take to swim a 25 meter pool?
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How long does it take to swim 300yds?

If you are a good swimmer it should take you less than 3 minutes in a 25 meter pool

How long is a 250 meter swim?

25 meter long. Unless you are asking about time becuase if you are talking about time then it depends on what level you swim at. If you dogie paddle it will take much longer than if you used a freestyle stroke

How long does it take to get drunk if you swim in a pool full of wine?

i think you would die

What is the swim?

Swimming is a type of stroke that can either be butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke or freestyle. There are meters that you have to swim too. Like, If you have a 25 meter pool that would mean that you would have to swim two laps to go there and back and that would be called 50 meter. If you wanna do 100 meters that's 4 laps. If you have a 50 meter pool, you just go one lap and that's 50 meters and if you were in a 25 meter pool it would be two laps but its a 50 meter pool. If you swim long distances like the 1500 freestyles or the 400 IM or even the 800 Freestyle you really want to take advantages of the walls, when you turn to do the other lap because you get one full breath that helps you for the underwater part. When you do the butterfly and you do the 400 IM you take advantage of your walls because that big full breath. 50 meters is good for short distances and not for long because you really want that breathe off the wall. And the 50 meter pool is good for 50 meters of freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke. All of the strokes. People say that the breaststroke is relaxing and calming but, it does get tireing

How long to swim 24902 miles?

1603036 lengths of a (standard) 25m pool - that's going to take a long time!

How long does it usually take to swim 20 laps?

Well, it depends on how large is the pool. If you give me the pool's measurements and the swimming person's speed, then I will tell you how long does it usually take to swim these 20 laps. im a 12 year old girl adn it takes me 6:27 SCY but thts my worst event

Can kids swim at the y when theres a swim lesson?

Usually they can. It depends on the space available in the pool. Lessons will usually not take up the entire pool so i'm guessing the rest of the pool would be open to free swim.

What is an LC?

LC means long course meter pool, the Standard Olympic Distance. Answer It means a pool 50 metres long so 100 metre events can take place by doing 2 lengths SC is a 25 metre pool

How long would it take a trout to swim to Italy?

I'm guessing not as long as it would take for you to swim there.

How do you act at the pool when there is a guy you like there?

Take your swim suit of and give him a lapdance.

What is the best way to learn how to swim?

There are many ways to learn how to swim. You can either just go swim with friends in a private pool. Or you could take swimming lessons at a swim club or YMCA.

How long will it take to swim to the moon?

Swimming to the moon is physically impossible due to the vast distance of approximately 238,855 miles between Earth and the moon. It would take an extraordinarily long time and would require technology far beyond current capabilities.