How do you surf off iron island?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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YOU CAN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: How do you surf off iron island?
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How do you get past the bridge while using surf to get to Iron Island on Pokemon Platinum?

I had heard that u get the Adament and Lustrous Orbs by using Surf there.WHOEVER SAID THAT WAS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you surf past the big boulders at iron island to surf south in Pokemon diamond?

You use the HM you get in the lost tower you also have to have beaten the 6th gym, ok

Where is fullmoon island?

its right near iron island. You go to the same sailor that takes you to iron island. You can only do this a little later in the game though.

Where do you get you turn in Pokemon pearl diamond and platinum?

You surf off the dock where you can ride the boat to Iron Island in Canalave City down to this little patch of land surrounded by trees and you can find the TM for U Turn.

Where to find iron island in Pokemon diamond?

all you have to do is learn the move surf and teach it to one of your pokemon. After that go to jubilife city and haed towards the poketech app shop but keep on going as far past it as you can and then you will see a boardwalk go out as far as you can on the boardwalk then use surf and once you're at canalave city go out past the gym and you will see a sailor he will say where do you want to head and you click on iron island and he will taken you to iron island

How do you get the cinnabar island badge on Pokemon Heart Gold version?

You have to use surf off the right side of the island to get to the seafoam islands

How do you get off islands 1 2 3 in Pokemon leafgreen?

Fly To island one and use surf

What is the action replay code for hm04 strength on Pokemon platinum?

you can find the HM on Iron Island. You need to be able to know surf and you won't have to go through the iron island dungeon. Else, go to Neoseeker. They have every code you can dream of, for every game.

When in fire red you don't have surf how do you get to cinnabar island?

you cant. beat koga and get HM03 surf to acsess cinnabar island you cant. beat koga and get HM03 surf to acsess cinnabar island

Can you get to four island by surf?


How many surf breaks are there in Oahu?

300 surf spots on the Island

Is there anyway to ge to Cinawood island when your Pokemon cant surf?

No you have to surf there