How do you say Stroke in spanish?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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It depends on the meaning of "stroke" in English.

If you are referring to:

  • the medical condition of apoplexy in the brain, i.e. my grandfather had a stroke and now he cannot speak, the translation is: apoplejía OR derrame cerebral.
  • the act of petting or other acts of light touching, i.e. I stroked the cat's fur, the translation is: acariciar.
  • the act of moving a brush across a canvas, i.e. The calligrapher created the Chinese character in five strokes, the translation is: pincelada. (If a writer is using a pen or pencil, then the proper word is: trazo.)
  • the act pushing water or other liquid with your arm (usually in swimming or rowing), i.e. the swimmer had a strong stroke, pushing him forward, the translation is: braceo OR brazada.
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Q: How do you say Stroke in spanish?
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