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Uhm, leave and go to the bathroom. That's what's so great about a bikini bottom, you can pull it down like panties, haha :)

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Q: Do girls pee in swimming pools - or what do you do - when you got to go?
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What causes red eye in swimming pools?

the devils pee

Is there a dye to turn urine blue in swimming pools?

Your pee will not turn blue if you pee in an outdoor swimming pool. Pee turning blue in a swimming pool is just used as comedy in the movies and is not likely to happen in real life.

Do girls pee in the swimming pool or what do you do when you got to go?

Girls do not pee in the least this one doesnt....I get out of the pool and go to the bathroom.....but then again that's just me... why waste your energy why not just pee in the pool

Why shouldn't you pee in Germany pools?

because when u pee in them they turn green in the spot u peed in so when u go to Germany don't pee in the pools and this is only in most of the pools

Is there a dye in swimming pools that changes color if you pee?

There is no dye in swimming pools that changes color if someone pees. This is a common myth. Pool water can be tested for urine using other methods such as pH levels and chlorine levels.

Do girls pee out of their buts?

No girls do not pee out of their Butts, if that was what you were asking :)

Do you girls pee in swimming pools or what do you usually do when you got to go?

> some pools have a dye that turns urine blue ... That dye does not exist. It's a story parents tell children to scare them out of peeing in the pool. Also, unless you have an infection (such as a bladder infection), urine is STERILE. So peeing in the pool is not unsanitary. Seriously, if I were you, I would just pee in my bikini, whether it's in the pool or in the ocean. I'm not a girl, but that's what I do. Of course, you could always remove the entire bathing suit, or pull the crotch to one side, and pee in the toilet. Do whichever you're more comfortable with doing.

What are some negative things about swimming?

1) you can drown 2) (if u care) ur hair gets damaged from the chlorophl 3) people pee in sea's, pools and lakes. 4) if going to a public pool then there are hair and band aids 5) if the swimming area is crowded it can be dangerous

Do dogs pee when swimming?

you are so dumb dogs don't pee when they go swimming what is wrong with you? you are an idiot and a farthead buttface haaaaahahahahaahah!!!!!!! stew pudidty Hawaii

Can you fart pee?

you cant fart pee but you can fart (sometimes) when you pee. only for girls

Can girls pee further than boys?

If they stand up they can, but usually they don't and most don't know how.

Do girls pee when they are squirting?