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Yes and no, in some places in the state you can have them, others you cannot. Then in some places you need a permit, and who will use it must be written on it. Then in some places, they aren't illegal, but they wont be put up because of how "dangerous" they are.

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Q: Are Diving boards legal in Illinois?
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Diving Boards and Texas Home InsuranceYes, Diving boards are perfectly legal in Texas. AnswerI have been an insurance agent for 5 years, and have never heard anything to indicate that diving boards are illegal in ANY state. There are almost certainly regulations about what kind of diving board you can have, how height it can be, etc. but I seriously doubt you're not legally able to have one. Are you asking this question bc a company has declined offering you coverage due to the diving board? If so, don't worry about it! The insurance company has the right to do this, just like you have to right to have a diving board. Insurance companies are required to file their underwriting guidelines with the state dept of insurance. They have to follow those guidelines to the letter. So if I'm the agent's cousin and I have a swimming pool with a diving board, the agent has to deny me coverage too. It has to be applied fairly to everyone.Hope this helps.

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