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Q: After a diver jumps forward from the diving board the force of gravity will accelerate the diver parallel to the direction of motion?
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After the diver jumps forward from the diving board the force of gravity will accelerate the diver parallel to the direction of motion?

After the diver jumps forward from the diving board, the force of gravity will act vertically downwards, accelerating the diver towards the water. The forward motion of the diver will continue unless another force, like air resistance or the water, acts in the opposite direction to slow them down.

What happens if gravity is the unbalanced force?

The object will accelerate in a downward direction.

What is the direction that gravity causes objects to accelerate?

Free fall is caused when gravity pulls it toward earth

When is an objects to be in free fall?

In free fall, the force of gravity alone causes an object to accelerate in the downward direction.

What are ways objects can accelerate?

Objects can accelerate through forces like gravity, friction, and applied external forces. Acceleration can also occur from changes in an object's direction or speed.

What causes the restoring force in a pendulum?

Gravity, At any instant time the restoring force is the component of gravity acting parallel to the direction of the motion.

How do gravity affect motion in direction?

Gravity affects motion by exerting a force that causes objects to accelerate towards the center of the Earth. This acceleration influences the direction of motion by pulling objects downward. As a result, gravity can cause objects to fall towards the ground or follow a curved path when in motion.

Does gravity travel backwards?

No, gravity only pulls objects towards each other in a forward direction. There is no evidence to suggest that gravity can travel backwards.

Does gravity and force move balls?

Yes, gravity and force can move balls. Gravity pulls objects downwards toward the Earth, causing them to fall. Force can also be applied to a ball to make it move in a certain direction or accelerate.

What is needed to make an object accelerate?

To make an object accelerate, a force needs to be applied to the object. This force can come from various sources such as gravity, friction, or propulsion. The magnitude and direction of the force will determine the rate at which the object accelerates.

What keeps rockets in space moving forward?

Since there is no gravity nor air resistance, they will continue to float in the direction where they were propelled.

What force can make an objects motion change?

A force can make an object's motion change. Forces such as gravity, friction, and pushing or pulling on an object can accelerate, decelerate, or change the direction of its motion.