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As of August 2014, there isn't an available cheat for the ski slop in My Sims Kingdom. A person can quickly build up their Planet Essence by using the ski slope, however.

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Q: How do you cheat for the ski slope in my sims kingdom?
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How many players are there on my sims kingdom?

my sims kingdom is a one player game my sims kingdom is a one player gamehhh why doesn't any body answer my question of how to beat the ski slope?

How do you you skydive in My Sims Kingdom?

To use the Ski Jump you just have to ask Dean, who is by the Ski Jump.

How do you get the Saturn essence on My Sims Kingdom DS?

The ski lift where Dean is.

Where do you find the and the planet essences in my sims kingdom ds?

go to the ski lift and use the extracator

How do you get the gold planet essence in my sims kingdom?

You go to the guy who is next to theski place ad get it from the ski place:)

How do you ski jump on my sims kingdom ds?

To get Dean warm u need to buy a wood stove from lily

What is the fastest ski slope?

The Flying K in Les Arcs is the fastest ski slope in the world

When did the llandudno ski slope open?

The ski slope opened in 1987, my father was one of the owner/directors.

How ski is played?

you put skis on your feet, on a ski slope and you ski down it.

How do you get the question mark essence in My Sims Kingdom?

The gondola where Amy is, but not Emily. In case you want to now, the planet essence is at the ski lift.

What does voltage mean in the ski slope model?

it means the ski

What is the price of a dry ski slope?

to ski on it it depends where you go and when