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Q: Is john Morrison married
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Is John Morrison getting married?

Yes, John Morrison is getting married to Jailene.. she will now be Mrs. Morrison

Did WWE superstar john Morrison get married?


Is WWE superstar john Morrison married?


Who is john Morrison wife?

John Morrison is not married. He is in a long-term relationship with Melina Perez.

Is John Morrison married to Kelly Kelly?

no he is dating melina perez theyve been together for years now

When did john Morrison get married?

not yet..... they just got back together.....

Is it true that John Morrison is getting married in August?

Morrison and Melina have been talking about getting married since they reunited in April of 2009 but no date has been set.

Does Melina the WWE diva have a husband?

Melina and John Morrison are dating. She is not married.

Who does Melina go with?

Melina is again with john Morrison and they will soon be getting married

Is john Morrison married or have a girlfriend?

him and Melina have been together a long time

Does John Morrison have 2 kids?

No he has9 That's a flat out lie he doesn't have any kidsNo, John Morrison Does Not Have Any Kids. But He Was Dating Melina. John Morrison Is A Charming Young Man, I Wish He Gets Married Soon, Hopfully To Maria From WWE.

Is Melina marry?

No but she did date Batista and Johnny Nitro [ John Morrison]