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March Madness is a month long tournament.

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Q: How long does March Madness last?
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When is the last time BYU won March Madness?


Bracket for March Madness 2010?

Last years brackets?

How long has March Madness been on CBS?

Since 1982

Copyright March madness?

March Madness is copyrighted:

How do you get into the final four?

By making to the last four teams in the NCAA March Madness tournament

Last time 5 seed won March Madness?

It has never happened before.

How many times has Kent State been in March Madness?

Kent State has been in March Madness five times with their last bid coming in 2008. Their best March Madness was in 2002 when they went to the Elite 8 and lost to Indiana, 81-69, in the South Region finals.

How many pages does A March to Madness have?

A March to Madness, written by John Feinstein, has approximately 464 pages.

When did Mega March Madness end?

Mega March Madness ended in 2010.

When was A March to Madness created?

A March to Madness was created on 1999-02-15.

Who organizes March Madness?

The NCAA is the organizer of March Madness.

Who won march madness 2001?

Duke won march madness in 2001.