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Q: Who was the New York Yankee third basemen from the 1970's?
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Does Alex Rodriguez act?

No, he does not. Alex Rodriguez is the current third basemen for the New York Yankees.

Who played third base for the New York Yankees in 1955?

The New York Yankees had several third basemen in 1955. While Andy Carey was solely a third basemen, Bill Skowron, Gil McDougald, and Jerry Coleman played third base amongst other positions.

Where was A-rod born?

a rod was born in new york, new york on July 27th 1975 and is at the age of 34. and is known to be one of the greatest third basemen to ever play the game of baseball

What is the salary of Alex Rodriguez in 2006?

The New York Yankee third basemen, Alex Rodriguez, will earn 28 million dollars. Alex Rodriguez' salary changes each year, and will make 25 million next year, and 21 million the following year.

Who played third base in the 1990s for the New York Yankees?

These were the Yankees starting third basemen during the 1990s:1990: Jim Leyritz1991: Pat Kelly1992: Charlie Hayes1993 - 1996: Wade Boggs1997: Charlie Hayes1998 - 1999: Scott Brosius

Who wears number 6 for the New York Yankees?

Currently, hitting coach Steve Henderson wears #5 for the Philadelphia Phillies.

What region is Yankee stadium in?

Yankee Stadium is located in the New York City Bronx borough.

When did Alex Rodriguez become a New York Yankee?

Alex Rodriguez became a New York Yankee in 2004.

What university did New York Yankee Charley Keller attend?

The New York Yankee player attended the University of Maryland.

Who does trish stratus go out with?

new york Yankees 3rd basemen a rod Alex Rodriguez

What do the New York Yankee colors represent?

New York.

How many second basemen has Derek Jeter played with as a New York Yankee?

Derek Jeter has played Shortstop for the New York Yankees since 1995. The following are the second basemen's that have played with him: Pat Kelly (1991-97) Matt Howard (1996) Homer Bush (1997-98) Chuck Knoblauch (1998-01) D'Angelo Jimenez (1999) Alfonso Soriano (1999-03) Miguel Cairo (2004, 06-07) Mark Bellhorn (2005) Robinson Cano (2005-present) Nick Green (2006)