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The Jamaican national heroes are Usain Bolt, Shelley Ann-Fraser, Melanie Walker, and The Jamaica Bobsleding team:).

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Marcus Garvey,Paul bogle nanny of the maroons, Sam Sharpe,Norman Manley,Alexander Bustamante,Samuel Sharpe, these are all heroes....

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Q: Who are the national heroes of Jamaica?
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How many national heroes do Jamaica have?


Where is the ministry of finance in Jamaica located?

30 National Heroes Circle Kingston 4 Jamaica, West Indies

Where was Trevor Rhone buried?

He was buried at the National Heroes Park in Kingston, Jamaica

How does Jamaica honour paul bogle?

Giving him a place in the national heroes park

What did Jamaicas heroes do to become heroes?

they fight for jamaica and for the people

How does Jamaica honor their national heroes?

They honor their 7 heroes because they are their heroes, the great protectors.

Who is the national hero of Jamaica?

Jamaica does not have only one national hero, we have 6 heroes and 1 heroine. Nanny, Paul Bogle, Sam Sharpe,George William Gordon, Marcus Garvey, Norman Washington Manley and Alexander Bustamante.

Where is the national library of Jamaica?

The national library of jamaica is in kingsto

What do you call the national clothes of Jamaica?

The national Clothes of Jamaica is the Bandana

When was Jamaica National League created?

Jamaica National League was created in 2005.

What is the national airline of Jamaica?

Air Jamaica

Where can you buy the national dress of Jamaica?