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Pakistan won their first international t20 match at Bristol, England result is won by 5 wickets.

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Q: Where did Pakistan win their first international t20 match?
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Where and angaist whom Pakistan play their first ever t20 match?

In Bristol, England , Pakistan played there first T20 against England on 28th August 2006

Which two countries played the first international t20 match?

Australia vs new zealand was the first international t20. Here's the scorecard

Who won the t20 match between PAKISTAN and ENGLAND?

England win both t20 matches.

How many T20 Internationals have played between Pakistan and Australia?

how many T20 International have plated between pakistan and austalia

Who was the first Indian batman to score a century in international t20 20 match?

First Indian batsman to score International T20 century is Suresh Raina and scored against South Africa.

Is T20 cricket going to be the future ranked 1 sport?

yes because Pakistan won every match all channel thing this match Pakistan lost Pakistan lost

Who is second leading wicket taker in T20 international?

umar gul-pakistan

Who won match between south Africa and Pakistan in t20 2010 world cup?

Pakistan beat South Africa.

What is Mohammad Ashraful's highest score in an International T20 match?


Who got the man of the match in t20 world cup final 2009?

Shahid Afridi(Pakistan)

Pakistan vs Zimbabwe cricket match?

Soon, in the Canada 4-nation T20 cup.

Pakistan Vs India ICC T20 World Cup 2022 Match 16?

Pakistan Vs India ICC T20 World Cup 2022 Match 16 Live Cricket Score with ball by ball commentary, Stats, Graphs, Match Results, and full scoreboard at