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Home soccer jersey is blue. Away jesey is white!

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Q: What color are Italy's soccer jerseys?
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Who is italys soccer goalie?

Gianluigi Buffon

Italys national sport?

Fut'bol (soccer)

Who is Italys best soccer player?

Nikhil Vardya is the best. Rishi Vardya is fat.

What is Italy's traditional sport?

soccer would have to be italys traditional sport. = =

What materials are soccer jerseys made from?

Authentic soccer jerseys usually say, on the tag, 100% polyester.

Are there any good sites for buying soccer jerseys?

There are many online official sites from where you can buy soccer jerseys.

Why do vikings trade?

Its a online jersey shop that selling nfl jerseys,nhl jerseys,mlb jerseys,nba jerseys and soccer jerseys

The last soccer world cup win?

It was Italys win over France on penalties.

What color of uniform does the soccer teams needs to wear?

It depends on what the team decides to wear. They decide as a team on what color their jersey's should be. Sometimes the coach will pick the jerseys and jersey color.

Where can I find a trusted wholesaler for soccer uniforms? are Professional soccer jersey supplier in China. They mainly wholesale high quality soccer jerseys, Spanish soccer shirts, premier soccer jerseys and other products.

What is Italys sport?

Italy's most popular sport, by far is soccer. This is followed by volleyball and basketball.

What is the most selling soccer jersey in the US?

Club America Soccer Jerseys