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Q: Unofficial sport of Japan
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What is the unofficial national flower of japan?

Unofficially it is the Cherry Blossom.

What is Japan's common sport?

the common sport in japan are judo

What is the popular sport in Japan?

Baseball is a very popular sport in Japan

Is Basketball is the national sport of Japan?

National sport of Japan is Sumo wrestling.

Is cricket the main sport in Australia?

Yes. Cricket is Australia's unofficial national sport. However, other sports are rapidly becoming more popular.

Which Asian country is famous for sumo wreasling?

Japan, the country where this sport was born.

What sport is Japan number 1 in the world in any sport?

The most common sports in Japan include association football and other ball sports. Some of the martial arts and Karate are also practiced by many people. There is no legally official sport of Japan, but the Japan Sumo Association describes sumo as the national sport of Japan, with baseball as the most popular spectator sport of the country.

What is the most famous sport in Japan?

They have 3 of the most famous sport in Japan which is : Baseball, football, & Sumo Wrestling

What was the first sport in japan?


Is the National sport in Japan different to the popularest sport in Japan?

yes, the National sport is different than the most popular sport. While the popularity may change over the year the national sport most-likely never changes

Name the national sports what countries Japan Australia?

Japan national sport is Sumo WrestlingAustralia national sport is Cricket, although this is not official. Australia has no official national sport.

What role did general Douglas MacArthur play during the us occupation of japan?

He was the military governor of Japan. Some historians referred to him as the unofficial American shogun.