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Q: How many days has it been since Michigan state lost to Michigan in football or basketball?
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Number of days since Michigan football team beat Ohio state football team?

How many days since Michigan wolverines beat Michigan state Spartans

Where can you get a poster of the Michigan State University basketball and football teams?

Online. Or at a store

What sports did jack breslin play?

Basketball, Football, Hockey - Michigan State University

Who are the only division one teams to win multiple national titles in basketball and football?

Maryland, Michigan state, Michigan, Ohio state, Syracuse, Florida

Who won more Michigan state or Michigan?

well overall Michigan, but sport wise, Michigan won football,hockey,baseball Michigan state won basketball. all i can really think of

When did Michigan State beat Ohio State in football?

1965 (Alabama) and 1966 (Notre Dame) they spilt the national championship and in 1962 they won it outright.

Is Michigan state better than Michigan?

In basketball - the game on 27 Jan should answer that question (for this year, anyway). In football - regrettably, no. Overall - YES

When was Michigan State Spartans football created?

Michigan State Spartans football was created in 1896.

What Schools have multiple national championships in football and basketball?

I don't know the complete list, but I do know that Michigan State was the first D-1 university to win two championships in both basketball and football. Florida is another one.

How many teams have won multiple men's ncaa championships football and basketball?

Michigan State and Florida

Who would win if the played in college basketball. Michigan State or Iowa State?

Probably Michigan state

Is Ohio State better than Michigan at football?

Yes Yes While Michigan is the winningest football school in NCAA history, Ohio State since 1951 has taken over the spot as the nation's most winning team.