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Most Nike factories are all around the world! But on a World Map they are very dense in Asia. However there is still the original factory in America.

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nike turban, nike turban. as you can see its black and white

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Q: How many Nike factories are there in Asia?
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Why does nike have factories in Asia?

cheap work labor.

In which country is nike made?

Well the products are made in many countries but it was founded in Washington county,Oregon,united states.

How many Nike companies are there worldwide?

Nike does not "own" any sweatshops, sweatshops are owned by factory bosses. Nike claimes that they just market shoes, but they give the factories there shoe designs etc..... Hope that helps Jared

What will you benefit from child labor?

Many items sold in 'The West' have been made in sweatshops in South East Asia, many of which include child labour. I recollect reading that even Nike trainers were at one time made in factories that included child labour.

Can you buy sneakers straight from the factories Nike them?

no not at all

Why does Nike locate its factories in Cambodia?

Cheap Labor

How many Nike stores are there in Mexico?

no....they do not sell nike anywhere in mexico.

Where are Nike golf factories?

Portland, Oregon is where Nike originated but Nike golf clothes, clubs, shoes are manufactured all over the world.

What is the Nike sweat shop debate?

it's something about nike and nike factories and their products but you can learn more about it at ADDED Also people are saying Nike are using sweatshops for their clothing basically

Where are Adidas main sites currently producting product?

Adidas is a German sports goods and apparel manufacturer. It is world's second biggest sportswear company behind Nike. Adidas manufacturing factories are spread in the entire world. However, Asia houses more factories than any other continent. 27 percent of all Adidas factories are in China. China has 337 factories in total. India is a distant second with 99 factories.

How many iPhone or iPad factories are there in Asia?

2. Foxxconn and Pegatron are currently manufacturing iPads.

Why did Nike move their factories out of America?

They realized they could save money by moving their factories to countries where they could pay the workers less.