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thats a little early for kissing

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Q: How do you get a boy to kiss you at age 11?
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How do you get a boy friend at the age of 9?

you kiss the boy

How do you get an 11 year old boy to kiss you if he has a girlfriend?

ask for a kiss

How do you get a boy to kiss you at age 14?

if he likes you he'll want to kiss you

What age to kiss a boy?

5th grade

What age was Harry Styles' first kiss?

Harry was 11 when he had his first kiss

Can you kiss on the lips when you're 11?

You could kiss on the lips at any age

Is it ok if a 11 year old boy hasn't kissed a girl?

Yes, it is completely normal for an 11-year-old boy not to have kissed a girl. Everyone develops at their own pace, and there is no set age for experiencing your first kiss. It's important for children to take their time and not feel pressured to engage in activities before they are ready.

How do you get an 11 yr old boy to like you?

kiss him in public

Is it appropiate to kiss a boy at age 10?

If you are both comfortable with it.

Can I kiss a girl on age 11?

Yes you can I am 11 and I kissed a girl

Is it right that if a 10 boy kisses an 11 year old girl?

No, it is not appropriate for a 10-year-old boy to kiss an 11-year-old girl without the consent of both parties and their parents. It is important to respect boundaries and age-appropriate behavior in all interactions.

How do you get a public boy that you dont know to kiss you if your 11?

I don't know what "public boy" is supposed to mean, but if you're 11, you're really too young to be worrying about getting people to kiss you.