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Q: Are Superlambanana still in Liverpool
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Who sculptured the first superlambanana?

Well... Taro Chiezo desgined a 4inch model and Andy Small and 3 other local Liverpool artists made the 17ft by 10ft one that you see today Hope that helps?!?!?!

Are Luis Suarez still in Liverpool in 2013?

No he join to Liverpool fc in 2011

Does dirk kuyt play for Liverpool still?


Why is the lam banana called that?

It's actually called the Superlambanana. It is called that because it is intended to be a cross between a banana and a lamb.

How old was Fernando Torres when he played for Liverpool?

He still plays for Liverpool, but he joined in 2007 at age 23. He's now 26 and still playing for them.

Is Suarez still in Liverpool?

No, Suarez left Liverpool Football Club in the summer before the 2014-2015 season. He moved from Liverpool to play for Barcelona in Spain.

Is the Liverpool-Manchester railway from 1830 still operating?


What is a famous building in Liverpool?

Try gallbladder medication if you still have one

Is halle berrys mother from Liverpool?

Halle Berry's mum was born in Liverpool but moved to Cleveland Ohio when she was 10 years of age. Halle Berry still often goes to Liverpool with her mum to visit relatives.

What was the hillsborough tragedy?

It Was When Liverpool versed Nottingham Forest and 99 Liverpool fans where crushed and killed on the 15th of April 1989. Fans Still Want Justice .... for the 96.

Liverpool where about is westmareland street in Liverpool?

Are you sure it actually exists? Google threw up a "did you mean" suggestion but still didn't list anywhere in Liverpool. Try having a look around on Google Maps. The street view feature is fantastic.

Who has scored the most goals against Liverpool and still playing now?

jamie carragher