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The object of the game of Chess is to capture your opponent's king. Being as his king resides on the opposite end of the board your must move forward toward that point in the effort.


It is important to note that during the attempt to capture or checkmate your opponent's king you may move many pieces to many areas on the board forward or back toward your own side of the board.

The pawns move forward except when they capture another piece by moving one space diagonally.

Some pieces move only forward and backward on the board in a straight line.

Rooks move like this as many spaces as they are able in a straight line.

Some pieces move only diagonally across the board.

Bishops move only diagonally as many spaces as possible.

Queens and kings are capable of moving in any direction.

The queen moving as many spaces as she desires and the king limited to one space at a time.

Knights move all over the board but do it in an "L" shape.

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Q: Why do you move forward instead of backward?
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