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The bishops (they can only move diagonally, so if they start on a white square they will stay on white squares for the whole game and vice versa)

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The bishop.

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Q: Which chess piece can move only on squares of the same color?
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What is the greatest number of squares a rook can move in chess?

The king can move to 9 squares, the squars he is directly touching, but cannot capture unless the piece to capture is unprotected.

Which chess piece can move either in only white squares oi in only black squares according as if was originally placed in a white or a black?

The bishop can only travel diagonally upon it's respective color whether it's black or white .

What is a castle in a board game?

A castle is a chess piece that can move any number of squares vertically or horizontally. It is also called a rook.

What is the value of 2 bishops in chess?

Each bishop in chess can only move diagonally. One can traverse only on white squares the other one only on black squares. The bishop piece can also be used to block the opponent, such as facing a pawn.

Do you have to kill in chess when you can kill it?

Only in certain circumstances such as having your king in check with no squares to move to and the only way to stop the check is to capture the piece delivering the check.

Number of squares on a chess board?

If you are speaking only of the squares in which chess pieces move there are 64, 8 rows of 8 spaces each.If you are speaking of the total number of actual squares that could be found and counted within a chess board using the lines provided there are 204.

What is the function of the bishop in chess?

A bishop in Chess can move diagonally in any direction as the path is not obstructed by another piece.

If you are in checkmate in chess on Harry Potter then which piece can you move?

You can move your mum

What is a black knight in chess?

A chess piece which can move in an "L" formation that is on the black team.

What chess piece can move anywhere on the board?

The Queen

Do you have to move a piece in chess if you just touch the piece?

With strict rules, yes.

What does the term 'skewer' mean in chess?

The skewer is a horrible move in chess: it is a great move to use in chess to get a great advantage. A skewer is when a piece attacks an opponent's piece, that is stronger than the piece attacking it. It moves the piece out of the way, to leave a less valuable piece vunerable. It doesn't sound bad; but it is!