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the meaning of aetas or negrito the negrito is the first people

who live in the philipines now many aetas live in negros region..

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Q: What is the meaning of aetas or negrito s?
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Images of different musical instruments of aetas?

*negrito violin-a five-stringed instrument used by natives of zambales*tabungbung-guitar of the aetas of zambales*butting-a bamboo violin with a single string made of a hemp or banana fiber. among the negritos and isabela, it is called yoggand*bansik-nose flute with 4 holes and a triangular mouth piece used by the negritos of zambales*kullibaw-jew's harp made of bamboo*gurimbaw-violin of the aetas of tayabas*aydluing-a long guitar with strings similar to the kudyapi of mindanao. this is used by the mamanua of mindanao*gassa- a flat gong that is sounded by the striking of a palm*patagong-a wing-shaped bamboo tube with a length of 4.5 cm and 5-7.5 cm in diameter*kabungbung-a guitar made of bamboo used by the aetas of bataan

What is negrito violin?

taetatetetaAns 2 - The 'Negrito' (meaning 'small negro' in Spanish) are a loose ethnic collection of people living in the Andaman islands, Malaya and southern Phillipines. I would guess that 'negrito violin' is one of their ethnic musical instruments.meg_rylyn12"Negrito Violin"-a five-stringed instruments used by the natives of zambles

Where do aetas live?

Aetas live on mountains

What kind of horse is negrito in the book Tex by S E Hinton?

cow horse

What is negrito?


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briones jodie lyn love pasaol francexavier

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What are the release dates for Aetas - 2008?

Aetas - 2008 was released on: USA: 19 June 2008 (DVX User Film Festival)

What actors and actresses appeared in Aetas - 2008?

The cast of Aetas - 2008 includes: Victoria Geil as Elisiya Janusz Madej as Serapis

What is the meaning of the Spanish words nada que ver con ese negrito?

It's a phrase.  It means, "....nothing to do with that little Black guy."

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Ano ang mga naiambag ng mga negrito sa pilipinas?

Mga naiambag Ng mga negrito