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Q: What are king queen and other soldiers in chess called?
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In chess is their a queen or a minister?

In the game of chess there is a chess piece called the Queen.

In chess what you called vajir in English?


Who is called the Queen of the Chess Board?

The queen is the most valuable piece after the king and can move veritcally, horizontally and diagonaly

What is the move called when you switch the queen and bishop in chess?

This is not a legal chess move in keeping with the rules of chess . You may be thinking of Castling ~ see related link below .

What is the significance of queen in the chess?

Other than the King , the Queen is the most powerful chess piece upon the board at nine points and in terms of movement .

What does the shape of the queen in chess represent?

The queen

How to double the queen in chess?

To have two , or more , queens would require that you advance a pawn to the last rank where you may then promote the pawn to a queen or any other chess piece other than a king .

In which country was chess first developed?

India, where chess was played with an Elephant instead of a Rook and no Queen, other changes were signigicant from modern chess but are lost to history. The Europeans got a hold of chess and then turned the pieces int more recognizable characters, hence knight, king, queen, and rook.

What a chess piece is called-?

Chess pieces as a whole are generally referred to as "pieces" or by there specific type King, Queen, Knight, Rook, Bishop, or Pawn.

What two pieces stand on other side of a king at the start of the chess game?

Queen and Bishop

What are the other eight chess pieces besides pawns?

Rooks, Knights, Bishops, King and Queen.

in chess why is a queen better than a pawn?

The queen can move farther and in much more ways than any other piece on the board.