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Bar Billiards.

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Q: What 2 the name of the table game related to billiards with toad stools?
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What is the snooker game?

Snooker is a game played with a cue and table with pockets like Billiards and Pool. For more information see the related link.

What is the game snooker?

Snooker is a game played with a cue and table with pockets like Billiards and pool. For more information see the related link.

How does mat relate to billiards?

It doesn't. There is no "mat" related to the game of English Billiards or Pocket Billiards.

Where was first indoor billiards game played?

There is no record of the first indoor billiards game. However, it is known that in 1429 billiards was played indoors on a billiard table in France.

What table game related to billards in which short cues which are guarded by pins?

You might be thinking of Bagatelle also known as bar billiards in Brittain.

How old is billiards?

The game is about 800 years old, and 600 years old in its present form. The first record of an indoor billiards table is from 1429. However, the location and dates that billiards became an indoor game is unknown. The game was enhanced about 1820 to become the billiards game known today.

What game of billiards did George Washington play in 1748?

George Washington played a game of billiards known as "French pool" in 1748. French pool was a popular variation of billiards during that time, played on a table with smaller pockets and different rules compared to the standard game of billiards.

What does the ozone billiards website offer?

The Ozone Billiards website offers a large variety of game tables and accessories. Including, table tennis, Foosball, air hockey, darts, and billiards. In addition they offer game room decor, furniture, and assorted game tables.

What sport uses term cue?

Table games such as billiards or snooker.

Where the first table was made?

There is no record of the first billiards table, but it almost certainly was made in either France or Italy where the game evolved.

How many pockets are there on a snooker table?

This is difficult to answer. It was the way the game was designed. It copies Billiards and pool.

What game would you play on a billiard table to give you the score of 128?

In straight pool, it is easy to get a score of 128 on the pocket billiards table.