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Biger isn't a word so learn spelling and grammar not Chess.

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Q: On the chess game on the website wwwflyordiecom how do you get a bigger rank?
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What does the website Chess King Training provide?

The website Chess King Training has a game where you can prove your chess playing skills. There are also some chess products and software that are available for purchase.

Where can someone play Yahoo chess?

Yahoo chess is a flash game that is offered only by the website, Yahoo. If someone wished to play Yahoo chess he or she would have to visit Yahoo games and select their chess game.

What information can be located on the website called Chess Openings?

In the Chess Openings website one can find information about everything to do with chess game openings. One can see related instructional videos there as well.

What are the basic chess rules on the website Chess Teacher?

The basic chess rules on the Chess Teacher website begin for those who already know how the chess pieces move. It is explained on here where each chess piece must be placed to start the game. A refresher on which player starts first and what 'moves' are permitted on the board can also be found on this page.

Where can I learn to play the game of chess?

A person can take Chess lessons from a number of sources. Perhaps a friend who plays well, or find a tutor. A person can find the rules of Chess and strategies in books or researching through their computer as well.

A chess game for a computer can be downloaded from which online website for free?

I'm glad to see that we have someone who wants to play my favorite board game, chess :). One great free website that I highly recommend is . Some things that I specifically like about is that about 5,000 new members are joining everyday, so you'll never keep on having to play the same person. Another thing that I like about are all the features to help you improve your gameplay like the "Tactics Trainer" and the "Chess Mentor". also has a daily puzzle everyday for you to solve. My truly favorite thing about is that you can play correspondence chess, or live chess. If you are a busy person, then you can play correspondence chess (days per move). However, if you like playing games that you can finish in one sitting, you can also play Live Chess. Hope this helped! ~ Max

What is 10 minutes chess called?

A ten minute chess game is a blitz game of chess.

Where was the game of chess first played?

The first game of chess was played in India.

Why the chess is sports?

Believe it or not, but it is physically difficult to play game after game after game of chess.

Is chess a track and field game?

No, chess is not a track and field game.

What is the plural term for the game of chess?

Chess matches; chess boards; versions of chess.

What is the theme of Geri's game?

The theme of Geri's Game is Chess