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There are pool league scheduling programs that can be used to simplify this task. Without using one, it will be difficult to show that it hsa been farily done. For every nine weeks, all teams will play an equal number of games against each of the other teams, if set up properly. This requires 36 weeks of play to be entirely "fair". A 35 week schedule will result in byes and/or a different ratio of games played.

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Q: How do you set up a pool league schedule for 10 teams at 35 weeks?
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How do you set up Pool League schedule for 18 players and 6 teams at each place?

You can't set up the schedule with the information provided. The best thing to do is to download team meanagement software. The number of players is irrelevant. What is needed is the number of teams per location, the number of locations, and the weeks of play. If there are only 6 teams, it is very easy to set this up unless some locations have 1 team and some have 2.

How do you make a schedule for a 6 team league for 33 weeks?

The easiest way is to use one of the many pool league schedule makers available. Otherwise, it is just a matter of developing a spreadsheet of 7 teams v 7 teams, with the last shown being the "bye". The teams should be listed in a logical order, or a draw of cards should be used for order, because 1 team will not get the "free win" of the bye. List the first 7 teams on left in the spreadsheet, next 7 to the right. Then use a shift of 1 in each column for the first 7 weeks. The next 5 weeks should take teams 8 through 12 in the left column and use a shift of 2 so that each team gets a different opponent in the next 5 weeks. The left column should represent home team, the right side the visiting team.

What is a schedule or fixtures for 20 teams playing 8 ball pool?

This cannot be answered without describing how many weeks. The best method is to use one of the online scheduling programs, some are free. The next best method is to uses a simple spreadsheet, dividing the teams by the number of weeks and then in half. Set the first group on the left side, the home teams, then list the next group to their right. For 20 teams, this most likely will require dividing the 20 into to groups of 10. For each date after the initial list, shift right teams up by one. If going into more weeks, shift from group one to group 2 as well.

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