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"Revenue" is all the money made off a product before taxes and expenditures are taken into account. For example, if you sell a product for $10, your revenue is $10. Tax is $0.70, and say you spent $2 just to make the product. Your PROFIT is ten minus two minus seventy-cents. Do not confuse REVENUE with PROFIT. They are different.

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Q: What does generated revenue mean?
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What is internally generated revenue?

Revenue that is generated internally!

What is international revenue?

Revenue that is generated internally!

What state has the highest gun sales?

You will have to specify if you mean by overall numbers or overall revenue generated.

How does government pay for the goods and services that it provides to the public?

If you mean who pays for the government, then it is the taxpayers money. All the money that you pay in government fees, road tolls, rates and taxes all go to the government.

What is a source of revenue?

profits that are generated thru distubuting of products of servies

How much revenue has the operating room generated since opening?

It is estimated that the amount of revenue that the operating room has generated since its opening is about 2.59 billion dollars. This is based on the records of January 2014.?æ

What is net Interest?

Net Interest refers to the revenue that is got from the difference between cost of servicing liabilities and the revenue generated by assets that bear interest. This considered to be an excess revenue.

Difference between capital income and revenue income?

Capital income is that income which is recevied or generated from sale of capital assets like shares or gold etc. Revenue income is that income which is generated from basic business operating activities.

What are the three types of revenue?

The three types of revenue are operating revenue, non-operating revenue, and other revenue. Operating revenue is generated from a company's primary business activities, while non-operating revenue includes income from secondary activities. Other revenue encompasses one-time or irregular income sources.

What is the rationale for recognizing costs as expenses at the time of product sale?

Matching Cost against Revenue principles stipulate that a revenue generated must have an associated cost to it. As & when a revenue is recognized, so is the cost.

What are performance ratios?

Measure of profitability in relation to sales revenue, this ratio determines the net income earned on the sales revenue generated. Formula: Net income x 100 ÷ Sales revenue.

What is ratio variable?

It is the ratio generated by dividing the Variable cost over total Sales/Revenue