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A service occupation is generally and vaguely described as an area of employment that provides no tangible product for a fee. Obviously, that type of description covers a lot of ground. Every occupation from doctors and lawyers to waitresses and housekeepers fall into this category along with several other major types of industry such as travel, tourism, and hospitality. Due to the amount of different jobs that are available in the service segment, there is almost always a perfect job for someone. Millions of people have found success and happiness providing excellent services doing what they love. However, many people try a number of different jobs before finding that perfect one.

Starting salaries are often completely relevant to the amount of skill and responsibility associated with a given service occupation. In addition, the pay rate and particular job dictates how much formal education is required. Highly skilled positions like many in the medical field require far more classroom instruction than a typical restaurant or hotel job. It is not uncommon for an individual to start in an entry-level capacity in a resort or hospital, and follow a particular field of study and turn that into a full-blown career. Since every individual likely has different strengths and weaknesses a certain degree of self-examination is required before choosing a service occupation, with regards to how much additional schooling is required and whether it is a good fit for a personality.

While wide swaths of service jobs often have a lot of contact with customers, a neat and orderly appearance is usually expected. In addition, strong people, verbal, and written communication skills are often an integral part of these careers. Further still, in many areas a degree of flair and creativity is needed and often relied upon to climb into management level jobs with higher paychecks. In fact, many administrators and executive level managers started at the bottom of their respective industries, and their careers blossomed from that first job. In short, anyone with the drive to succeed and excel will likely find a long and well paying career ahead of themselves in a service occupation. However, many folks find satisfaction from performing the same job for years as a matter of personal preference.

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Q: A Service Occupation Can Be Rewarding Career With Many Individual Goals?
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