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Find a qualified air gun gun smith.

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Q: Your Crosman Pulse P50 shoots but nothing comes out of the barrel How can you fix this?
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Your Crosman Pulse P50 wont shoot. It shoots but nothing comes out of the barrel or goes into the barrel. What do I do to fix it?

Take it to a factory authorized repair center.

My crosman pulse r76 shoots but nothing comes out. how to i fix this?

Take it to a repair center-Had same problem with mine.I replaced the mag and it works fine


Remove the Clip, open the Breech, And shove a cleaning rod down the barrel and force the BB back out. Do not reuse the BB.

Was a crosman pulse r75 in world war 2?


Does the Crosman pulse R73 have rails?

Apparently Not. See the link below.

Does the crosman red dot sight fit on the crosman pulse r76?

The R-76 is NOT scopable so a Red Dot will NOT fit on it.

How do you fix your Crosman pulse r76 airsoft gun?

Remove folding stock (requires a hex key). Saw off barrel. Look for a point a couple of inches foreward of internals and try not to cut into the battery box. Voila, you have a machine pistol. In my opinon it shoots about as well as it ever did and mine has only 1.5 inches of barrel left.

Does the Crosman Pulse R76 Airsoft Gun come with a charger when you buy it?


Where can you find a suppressor that fits on a Crosman Pulse R76 Airsoft gun?

You have to make one

Is the Crosman airsoft pulse R76 reapeter black an automatic?

it is automatic but you can go semi-auto

Where can you find a Crosman pulse r73 owners manual?

See the link below for the owners manual

Is the second barrel on the m41a pulse rifle from the aliens film a shotgun or a grenade launcher?

in the aliens film, the pulse rifle had a shotgun as the second barrel.