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Yes, most definitely. It happened to me and we are now discussing wedding plans!

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Q: You just met a person and you love them?
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Why I can't be in love?

It could be that you just haven't met the right person yet.

What do you do if you love a girl but you never met them?

meet them? how could you love a person you have never met?

Is how a couple met important?

to me personally it doesnt matter how they met just as long as they love each other

Why doesnt Harry Styles love you?

Because he haven't met you yet. And if he has met you you are just not his type, sorry:)

What does this mean met randomly?

met randomly means that you don't know the person you just met them out of the blue :) hope it helps!

Im in love with someone from the US but im from the UK any suggestions on what to do?

How do you know you are in love ? Have you previously met ? If so then can you not move so you can be together ? A lot of people think they have fallen in love talking to others on the internet, it is just an infatuation. You do not know what that person is really like and if you met up after only talking this way you would probably think what did you ever see in them. The truth is it is just lust !

How you know you've fallin out of love?

you look at the person you used to love and you don't get "the feeling" that you used to get when you loved them. IF YOU THINK YOU ARE IN LOVE. step out of your relationship with that person and go with another person you fancy and that is attractive. If the other person that you fancy ( out of your relationship) catches your heart and interests and for sometime you attend to forget about the person you thought you were in love with .... then just realise that .. you were not in love with them. So don't fool yourself with one person that you met. Take a look around and see !!!!!! Falling in true love is hard to find. And if you have found it.... THEN BEST OF LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Is it true that if you see someone that you can instanly fall in love?

Probably not. You can't truly love somebody if you just met them.

Can you fall in love with somebody you have never met in person?

yes you can, you can fall in love with anyones personality but it might not be true and they might be lying to you

What if you were in love with this guy and you met him when he was just going to jail and his sentence is too long for you to wait . YOU called off the relationship but you love for him is stronger?

Hes just a dumb a**.

How do you tell if its love at first sight?

The person will look at you like you met and loved each other before.

When was When Love Met Destruction created?

When Love Met Destruction was created in 2008.