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No, not if the puck went directly into the net after deflecting off the official.

It must be touched, or played, by a player after hitting an on ice official.

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Q: Would it count if the ref had the puck bounce of his skate and it went in the goal?
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Can you bounce a football against the flag poles in a football match?

yes, you can and the ball would still count as being in play, so theoretically the corner flag could get an assist for a goal, if you tried hard enough

Can the goal keeper bounce the ball?


What happens when a shot on a goal misses the goal and goes out of bounce?

Goal kick for the opposing team (the one who didn't shoot)

If a referee scored a goal in a football match would it count?

A referee cannot score a goal because they are considered part of the field. Any such goal would be credited to the last player who played the ball.

Does a goal count if a goalie made it?

Yes it does count!

Can the goaler throw the ball into the other goal?

Sure he can. but it would be very difficult to throw it that far. it would be easier to kick it but i suppose if he could somehow get it that far then it would count as a goal.

Does a missed field goal in which a foul was committed count against your field goal percent?

No way, it does not count.

Does an own goal from a free kick count?

No. The restart would be a corner kick for the opposing team.

Does a blocked goal count as a miss?

yes, it does count as a miss.

Is it true that an in direct kick must be touched by a player before entering the goal?

Yes, because it is in-direct and so if it was shot and the ball went into the goal with no one touching it, the goal would not count.

Is a bounce pass rarely effective near the goal in basketball?

no a bounce pass is very effective because it goes underneath a defenders hands.

Does a NHL goal count if it hits your foot and goes in?

As long as the puck wasn't "kicked" into the net. For Example, if someone hit a slapshot and his teammate was standing right next to the net and the puck hit the teammate's foot, then it would count as a goal.