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Q: World Cup and f a cup which is worthiest?
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Slovakias group for the World Cup?

During the world cup Slovakia was in group F.

How many times has India competed in the world cup?

India Qualified for the 1950 world cup, but as they wanted to play barefoot , which was against F .I .F .A rules, they withdrew.

Who assisted Iniesta in the 2010 world cup final?

In the 2010 world cup Andrea iniesta was helped by the great young Cesc f Fabregas.

What group was japan in for world cup 2006?

Group F. They finished last.

Who won the 2009 K F C world cup of softball?

no one yet

Who came second in group f in the world cup 2010?

1st: Paraguay 2nd: Slovakia

Who is playing in f a cup final?

Chelsea and Portsmouth will be competing in the FA Cup final in 2010.

What is the price value of england F A cup?

The FA cup is worth 20 million dollars. It could be worth less depending on the shape of the cup.

Which other teams are with italyin group f forthe2010 world cup?

Slovakia, New Zealand and Paraguay.

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Has ronaldo ever won the f a cup?


What was the attendance at 2009 f a cup final?