Wishbone football formation

Updated: 10/20/2022
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its a very successful play that helps alot

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Q: Wishbone football formation
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Which college football teams still use the Wishbone offense?

As far as I can tell, NO college football team currently uses the wishbone offensive scheme. Oklahoma, under Barry Switzer, made the wishbone a legitimate, winning offensive formation in the 70's. Navy runs the triple-option veer formation....though it is still a far cry from the wishbone, it does have its similarities.

What are some football terms that begin with the letter w?

Wishbone, waivers, wildcat formation, west coast offense and walk-on are football terms.

In which sport is the term wishbone used?


Where can you find free football playbooks?

wishbone offence

What sports words start with W?

Walk is a baseball term. West coast offense, wildcat formation and wishbone are football terms. Wedge, whiff and woods are golf terms. Wrist shot and wrap around are hockey terms.

What is a good sound offense for sixth grade football?

it depends on how you want to play the game. The i-formation or the wishbone is good for younger kids though.i recommend playing smash-mouth football..where you run up th gut all the order to do this you need a good hard hitting running back and full back

What is the most successful football formation and why?


What does nsf mean in football?

Not standard formation

What football defense formation would stop the t formation?

The four four defense

What is the load formation in football?

Its the formation used in a first and goal situation when your team does a running play

Can a lineman be uncovered in a legal football formation?

Yes he can.

What is the name of the offensive formation?

The name of the offensive formation in American football with one running back directly behind the quarterback is called the "I-formation."