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Q: Why should achieving a National Senior Certificate be important for all learners?
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How old do you have to be to get a learners permit in NC?

You can get a permit at 15, but you have to complete a certified drivers ed program in order to get a certificate of eligibility.

How much is the replacement fee for a learners permit?

It is important to keep track of a learners permit. If a person loses it the cost can be as low as $15 to as high as $35. It depends on the state.

What materials are needed to take a learners permit test?

an applicaion,your birth certificate your social security card and a physical form which should be on the application hope this helps

What is more important for language learners structure or vocabulary?

Both structure and vocabulary are important for language learners, but vocabulary may be more crucial for basic communication. Without vocabulary, learners may struggle to express themselves, while structure is needed for proper grammar and clarity of communication. Striking a balance between the two is ideal for effective language learning.

Why it is important to teach learners about the different accommodation offered in the travel and tourism industry?

So that the learners will know what to do or where to go if thet want to start their own businesses concerning accommodation

What are the stages of morphological development for esol learners?

The stages of morphological development for ESOL learners typically include the emergence stage, where learners begin to produce and understand basic morphological structures; the development stage, where learners expand their knowledge and use of morphological rules and patterns; and the mastery stage, where learners demonstrate advanced proficiency in applying morphological rules accurately and fluently in their language use. It is important for teachers to provide appropriate instruction and practice opportunities to support learners as they progress through these stages.

What is learners participation?

Learners participation refers to the active involvement and engagement of learners in the learning process. It involves students taking part in discussions, asking questions, working on group projects, and actively contributing to their own learning. Learners participation is important as it promotes deeper understanding, critical thinking, and collaboration among students.

What is the benefit of achieving a full class 5 drivers license?

The benefit of obtaining a full Class 5 driver's license is that there will be no GDL restrictions. Drivers can upgrade their licenses to commercial classes and can supervise Class 7 learners.

What are the importance of pictorial media in teaching and learning process?

One important aspect of instructional media is to increase student understanding. The importance of instructional media also includes helping to increase student interest, motivation, and retention.

Why is immersion is an important approaches?

Immersion is an important approach because it provides authentic and meaningful learning experiences by exposing learners to the language in real-life contexts. It helps develop not only language skills, but also cultural awareness and fluency. Additionally, immersion can enhance confidence and motivation in language learners.

What is the duration of Learners?

The duration of Learners is 1.3 hours.

What part of speech is the word learners?

Learners is a noun