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There isn't enough room on most small maps to place the entire state of Alaska on the map. They put a tiny, unrealistic sized picture of Alaska in the bottom left, near Hawaii because it will fit nicely there. Alaska doesn't fit very well on a Map of the U.S. also because it is so much farther north than the the other states.

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Q: Why on a map Texas is larger then Alaska but Alaska is the largest stat in America?
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What is the next largest state in America after Alaska?

Texas is the second largest US State by area.

What is the largest state in the US fo America?

Texas, California, Alaska.

Is the biggest state alaska or texas?

Alaska is larger than Texas based on area. Texas is larger than Alaska based on population. Based on total area, the largest U.S. states are #1 Alaska, #2 Texas, #3 California, #4 Montana, and #5 New Mexico. Based on population, the largest U.S. states are #1 California, #2 Texas, #3 Florida, #4 New York, and #5 Illinois.

Is Alaska smaller larger or bigger than Texas?

Alaska is larger, it just looks small on the map. Alaska is also the largest state in the U.S.

What is the largest continental state of US?

Texas is the largest of the lower 48 contiguos, but Alaska is the largest on the continent of North America

Is California bigger than Alaska?

No. Alaska is bigger (larger in area) than California..Alaska and Texas are both larger states than California.California is "bigger" than Alaska based on population - it is more populous.

What two of the largest reserves of this natural resource in North America does Texas and Alaska have?


Is Alaska the biggest stase of all?

Yes, Alaska is the largest State of the union. In fact, if you were split Alaska exactly in two, each half would be larger than Texas, the former largest State.

Is Alaska larger than Texas same size or smaller?

Alaska is larger

Witch is bigger Texas or Alaska?

Alaska is larger than Texas.

1st largest state in the US?

Alaska. (not Texas)

Largest state in area?

The largest state in the USA is Alaska containing an area of 663,268 sq miles AND Texas is second with 268,601 square miles state-wise (Alaska is 246% larger than the state of Texas). California is third with 155,959 sq miles and Florida fourth with a relativley smaller 58,560.