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Mens Basketball is more poular because they have more exciting things. Like dunking and fights and people getting tachnicals. Womens basketball has none of that. IN womens basketball only one person dunks and she doesn't do it all the time. that's why womens basketball is less popular than mens.

Answeri think men's basketball is more popular because their sport has been around longer than women's. men's basketball was invented first

Women started playing basketball one year after basketball was invented. So the above answer really has no meaning in the equation.


People want to see the best athletes play and the bottom line is that men who are good enough to compete in the NBA or NCAA are better than their female counterparts. Personally, I think Women's College Basketball can be interesting when you have top teams like Tennessee and UCONN squaring off, but it's a fact that male basketball players are better. Case in point: A few years ago I read a Sports Illustrated article about how Pat Summit's Tennessee Volunteers play against a practice squad of male students. Obviously, these guys are talented, but they aren't good enough to make the men's team and yet they're good enough to beat some of the best women.

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There is simply just not enough interest. All woman's sports sports never get as nearly enough attention as mens sports. Video game developers do not wan't to waste money on making a game that will barely sell.

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There is, but to find it you will have to go back to EA Sports' NCAA March Madness '99. It has the Women's Sweet Sixteen tournament you can play. Tennessee and UCONN are among those teams available to choose from.

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Q: Why is there no womens basketball video game?
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