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A naming contest was held. On April 16, 1994 - the first month of the Rockies second season - the egg was escorted into Mile High Stadium by a National Guard contingent and hatched at 12:49 p.m. Out waddled Dinger. "Wild Thing" blasted from the loudspeakers.

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Dinger, the purple dinosaur, is the name of the mascot for the Colorado Rockies. During construction, fossil remains of a triceratops were found in the ground where Coors Field now stands.

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It is named with it's range

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Q: Why is the Colorado Rockies' mascot a dinosaur?
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What is the Colorado Rockies mascot?

the Rockies mascot is a purple stegosaurus called Dinger

What sports team modeled their mascot after the skeleton found under their arena?

The mascot of the Colorado Rockies, Dinger, was modeled after the dinosaur bones that were discovered during the excavation of Coor's Field, the home of the aforementioned Rockies. He is a purple triceratops.

In 1994 what did the Rockies announce they at found at the site of home plate?

I believe it was dinosaur bones, which was a big reason behind the creation of the dinosaur mascot Dinger. It also led the Rockies to consider naming the park "Jurassic Park"

What is the name of the Denver Broncos mascot?

The official mascot's name is Miles.The actual horse is Thunder.The gigantic white horse that sits atop the south stands at Mile High is named Bucky.

Who is Rocky the mascot?

The Rockies Mascot is Dinger

When were the Colorado Rockies established?

The Colorado Rockies were established in 1993.

When was Colorado Rockies created?

Colorado Rockies was created in 1993.

Who is the Rockies mascot name?

its dinger!

In RV what mountainous area is the family traveling to?

Colorado Rockies

Why are the Colorado Rockies named the Rockies?

Because of the Rocky Mountain chain in Colorado

When was Colorado Rockies - NHL - created?

Colorado Rockies - NHL - was created in 1976. In 1982, the Colorado Rockies relocated, and are now the New Jersey Devils.

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"The Canadian Rockies are older than the Colorado Rockies. They are however, connected geographically."