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Rugby used to be an Olympic sport, and featured at the 1900, 1908, 1920 and 1924 games. It was then dropped. This probably had something to do with the head of the International Olympic Committee stepping down in 1925- Pierre de Coubertin had been huegly influential in having rugby included to start with.

No sport can be added to the Olympics unless another sport is dropped. The IRB was confident that its proposal to have sevens included in the 2012 Olympics would be successful. Sevens was one of five sports proposed, but of the five only two (squash and karate) were successful.

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Rugby is one of the most popular sports worldwide, though it may not seem so here in the US where sports like Baseball and football garner more attention.

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rugby has never been in the olympics

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Q: Why is rugby not as popular as other sports?
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