Why is lidstrom number 5?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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because he wants to be

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Q: Why is lidstrom number 5?
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What ice hockey players have number 5?

Nicklas lidstrom

Who wore number 5 for the Detroit Tigers?

As of lately, the last 19 seasons, Nick Lidstrom, the captian.

What famous hockey players wore the number 5?

nick Lidstrom Guy Lapointe Bill Barilko Bernie Geoffrion Denis Potvin Ulf Samuelsson Colin White not many "famous" players wore this number

Who is the number 40 in the red wings?

Henrik Zetterberg: first-line center and heir apparent to captain Nicklas Lidstrom.

Where does nicklas lidstrom live?


What is Nicklas Lidstrom's birthplace?

Vasteras, Sweden

Who is the red wings captian?

Niklas Lidstrom

What city was nicklas lidstrom born?

Vasteras, Sweden

What has the author John Walter Lidstrom written?

John Walter Lidstrom has written: 'A new model for the formation of Crater Lake Caldera, Oregon' -- subject(s): Geology

NHL Top 5 Point leaders for defensemen?

1 Bobby Orr 2 Chris Pronger 3 Scott Nedyermier 4. Nick Lidstrom 5 Brian Leetch

Is Niklas Lidstrom married?

Yes he is married and has 4 children.

Who is the best NHL defence player?

Probably Niklas Lidstrom