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Short Answer, yes. Long Answer, yes, but it is never called unless it is blatant or it puts a player's safety at risk. Pushing the pile is not ever called. Pulling a player forward is both dangerous and blatant If a player is blatantly pushing a pile forward, an official is most likely going to blow the whistle to stop the play and declare that forward progress stopped when the player began pushing the pile. A distinction should also be made between pushing a pile (not blatant) and pushing a player forward (blatant).

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Q: Why is assisting the runner a penalty?
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Can a ball carrier hurdle a defensive player?

Rule 12, Section 1, Article 5, of the NFL Rulebook states that "No offensive player may: ( a) lift a runner to his feet or pull him in any direction at any time; " Penalty: For assisting the runner or for interlocking interference: Loss of 10 yards.

Is it illegal in football for a player to advance the runner?

Technically, yes, it is illegal to advance the runner. The official penalty is called "Helping the Runner." It is rarely enforced, however.

What happens if a runner comes in contact with the third base coach while rounding the bases?

As long as the coach does not assist the runner, there is no penalty.

What if the hurdles fall during the race?

There is no penalty for knocking down a hurdle when attempting to jump over it. Although, I guess there is one penalty and that is the runner will not be as fast because of hitting the hurdle. But a runner will not be disqualified for knocking down a hurdle.

Where is the Senior LL rule that permits a baseball home plate umpire to call out a runner who was touched high fived by a teammate before the runner touched home plate?

No runner is allowed to be touched while running the bases. Only a bad umpire would enforce this rule on a high five. There is no rule that prohibits touching a runner, but there is a rule prohibiting physically assisting a runner.

For what four reason may the clock stopped?

An incomplete pass, runner goes out of bounds, penalty, or after a score is made

What is the official score when a base runner is hit by a batted ball?

If a base runner is hit by a batted ball before the ball contacts, or passed an infielder they are out... once the ball passes, or is contacted by an opposing player there is no penalty for being hit.

How were false starters in 1904 olympic games punished?

The rules of competition at the 1904 Games stated that a runner would be given a two yard penalty for a false start.

Is there a penalty in MLB for intentionally interfering with a batted ball in order to break up a double play?

yes,the base runner going to second base is called out,by interference.

What is the penalty for a pitcher committing a balk when the bases are empty?

By definition, a balk can only be committed when there is at least one runner on base.

What is a sophisticated word for helping?

Assisting or aiding.

How many syllables in assisting?

Assisting has three syllables: a-ssis-ting