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He is acknowledged as the best batsmen in the world because he has the best average of the current batsmen in the world at the moment.

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Q: Why is Ricky Ponting the best batsmen in the world?
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Is joe root the best batsman?

No Duji Bandari is the best batsmen right now he averages 498.05 in Ricky Ponting Cricket 05

Who is best sports player in Australia?

Ricky Ponting

Who was the best Captain of the world in Cricket?

Ricky Ponting of Australia has captained his team for the highest number of matches in world cup with 29 matches.

Who is the best cricket batsmen in the world?

Emmanuel is the best footballer

Top 10 best batsmen in the world now?

M.S. Dhoni A.B. de Villiers M.E.K. Hussey H.M. Amla C.H. Gayle S.R. Tendulkar T.M. Dilshan J.H. Kallis R.T. Ponting S. Chanderpaul

Who is the most best batsmen in the world?

i reckon Don Bradman

What is the best website for cricket wallpapers I want Indian Cricket Wallpaper but also other players like Ricky Ponting and Brett Lee?

If the catch is taken of the helmet of the batsmen?

In my opinion, Sangakkara and Jayawerdana is the best batsmen

Who are the 5 best players of cricket?

The all time five best players of cricket, according to my opinion include : 1.Sachin Tendulkar 2.Don Bradman 3.Shane Warne 4.Savrov Ganguly 5.Ricky Ponting

Who is the best batsmen in cricket?

adam gillchrist

Who is the best batsmen in the history of cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar

Who is the best motox rider in the world?

james stewart or ricky carmichael