Why is Leeds ND so small?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: Why is Leeds ND so small?
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Why was leeds so popular in the 1900s?

Cos its bkoody brilliant! Best city in england easy. Leeds Leeds Leeds

In which county is leeds castle?

Leeds is in West Yorkshire,so Leeds Castle must be in West Yorkshire too.

How do you get small on meez?

you have to be v.i.p. nd if u are it just comes go to a room nd go under ur name nd it should be there

Where do the kaiser chiefs come from?

Come on?????? all it takes is typin kaiser chiefs into google, lookin on wikipiedia nd findin ur answer but if u must no, theyre from leeds.

What is the Jewish population of Leeds?

The Jewish population of Leeds, UK, is estimated to be around 8,000 to 10,000 people. Leeds has a relatively small but active Jewish community with synagogues, Jewish schools, and cultural organizations.

Are leeds the best?

Yes Leeds are the best LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS!!!!!!!

What is nearer to Rayleigh Leeds or Manchester?

Manchester is further south than Leeds - so Manchester is closer to Rayleigh.

What is the current flight schedule for Jet2 Flights from Leeds to Dublin?

Jet2 do not currently fly to Dublin so one can not fly from Leeds to Dublin with them. They have flights from Leeds to Cork and Belfast but not to Dublin.

Did Miranda Cosgrove ever seen Nathan Leeds naked?

Nathan Leeds and Miranda Cosgrove never met. So, no.

Who do you support?

Leeds Leeds Leeds!Nobody supports Leeds apart from you. Man U r the greatest!!! Eeeerrr no.I support my legs because my legs support me.Ooooh that ones so old! West Ham! And Man U Suckk.

Why is leeds UK called leeds?

Leeds is called Leeds because the name derives (comes from) Loidis which was the name of a forest covering that area of England.Something random:Towns with ley on the end like Guiseley, Otley and Ilkley mean they were originally situated in a clearing of forest and early inhabitants made it a permenant camp because of it.Also a small folklore goes round in towns around Leeds. Many of the towns were named after Animals that lived there when the first settlers arrived. Guiseley = Geese-ley Otley = Otter-ley.I live around here so that's how I know.

What is the address for Leeds Castle?

Leeds Castle is in Leeds in Europe.